Pipers Lodge

I have a friend who will be going to New Zealand next month and I can tell that he is very excited about it. He is sure that he will have an amazing time and what's even better, he will get a chance to relax from his stressful job. His plan is to stay at Pipers Lodge and if you asked me, that's a great decision, seeing as Pipers Lodge has been providing tourists with the best national park accommodation ever. So, if you are ever in need of a place that will help you relax and forget about your everyday worries, Pipers Lodge is the name you need to recall.

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The Benefits of Using Unmanned Aircrafts

NOAA nautical charts are now being refreshed through aerial photographs taken by unmanned aircraft. Images acquired by the Light Detection and Ranging system are used to modernize coastal charts, providing data that will guarantee the safety of ships moving through an ever- changing shoreline. After intense storms have passed through the seaside location, the National Geodetic Survey launches unmanned plane to survey the destruction. They are then able to release photos within several hours, enabling emergency managers to have the details necessary to determine priorities of action. Charlotte architectural photographer know the right questions to ask to help quickly assess just want you need from the project.

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Caribbean Beach House Rental – Make Your Vacation As Special As Possible

Caribbean Beach House Rental- What is that makes a Caribbean beach house, rental or owned so very, very special? Houses with an ocean view are a ‘dream come true’ for most of us and have always been a source of inspiration. Is it the tranquil sound of the waves gently breaking on short or the magnificence of sunset over the water? Or could it be the feeling that you have captured your own slice of paradise, a retreat from the stresses of everyday living that makes a beach house the ultimate desirable?

Ocean retreats have always been a source of inspiration for artists, architects and film makers. Whenever we see a scene with a beach house, we automatically associate it with retreat, regeneration and calm reflection… an escape from everyday life. Although a traditional beach house is highly significant for us, often beach houses and other houses by the water have been the cause of architectural innovation. The setting has inspired architects and developers to think outside of the box.

For example the unusual K House, built by ARM architects, is in a reverse K shape, designed to get maximum sea views. It was intended to be painted entirely red, but due to council restrictions the house is grey, with accents of red. The house includes a car pool, a home cinema, 2 bedrooms and a whole host of other interesting design features. The owners of the house knew they wanted something different in their holiday home and went for it!

Unfortunately very few of us have the opportunity to rent or buy a vacation property this eccentric and for most of us, it might be slightly overboard! There are many other properties, even within the Caribbean, that are both affordable and perhaps not quite so unusual!

An example of this is the private Cabana rentals at Banana Beach resort in Trujillo, Honduras. Eschewing the traditional square house design, the owners have opted for a circular shape, which is more environmentally conscious and wind resistant. The architect has made the most of the shape, with large windows distributed around the house to maximize the light and access to the beautiful views across Trujillo Bay.

The decor pays homage to both traditional Caribbean, with chunky colonial furniture and bamboo features and the modern, with sleek and sinuous bathroom and kitchen facilities. The quirky factor has also been continued inside the house, with a functioning waterfall through the center of the property. The waterfall theme has been continued into the spacious shower area, which mimics a cave, in the best way possible.

So before you opt for a traditional Caribbean beach house rental, be inspired by the surroundings and look out for a unique option like the Cabanas at Banana Beach.

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