Buying Caravans in West Sussex

Ever fancied having a home away from home? A real one, where you and your family can retreat whenever the strains of everyday life get too much? Buy a caravan in West Sussex and that dream can become a reality in short order.

Anyone who has holidayed in and around the Chichester area already knows what a beautiful and varied location the county is for a family vacation. You can lose yourself in genuine old English market towns (like historic Chichester itself); you can head for the sea, where Portsmouth still plies Britain’s oldest trade, merchant shipping, with lanes leading from that distinctive harbour tower all around the world; you can indulge in a bit of pampering and sophisticated dining in the chic Port Solent; and you can wander one of Europe’s best traditional family beaches at Bognor Regis. Head down to the West Sussex vineyards to find out why England is suddenly being taken seriously in the Champagne stakes, or take the kids out to Marwell Zoo and the Blue Reef Aquarium for a fun and eco-friendly day out.

When you buy a caravan (it’ll be located on a holiday park pitch, so you have a permanent residence in the area) in Sussex, you don’t need to miss out on any of this action. No time this week to hit the aquarium and the zoo? Wanted to get that night out in Port Solent but got sidetracked by the Owner’s Only bar on your holiday park? Don’t worry. Owning caravans means owning property – and that means you don’t just live where you live, you live in West Sussex too.

That’s why a static caravan is called a “holiday home”. Get yourself on the property ladder at a Chichester holiday park and you will find yourself the proud owner of a purpose built home. When you buy a caravan you are buying a place that you, your family, and generations of your family not yet even born can while away the weekends and the holiday weeks of their lives: in perfect comfort and familiar surroundings.

Modern caravans are built to include everything you could want from a home. Whether you buy new or quality pre owned (all pre owned vans will be thoroughly inspected and vetted for their purpose before going on the market), the effect is the same: superb design, sensible layouts, fittings designed to make your holiday home the kind of place that everyone in the family wants to come back to whenever they can.

You don’t just get the benefits of your home. When you buy a caravan in West Sussex, you are buying into a way of life. You’ll become part of the holiday park community – a recognised face, with dozens of new friends and neighbours to share your leisure time with. A holiday park is like a village in its own right: supported by all the best facilities and leisure installations you can think of.

Caravans bring a sense of solidity and permanence to your holidays. Making Sussex the retreat you’ve always wanted is easy. If you want something a little more meaningful from your times away, why not think about investing in a holiday that lasts a lifetime?

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